1909c Flinders Street Fish Market


Flinders Street around 1909 looking eastward from Spencer Street. On the left there are a number of hotels, providing lodging, meals and beverages, to the waves of seamen who would have docked at the wharves just a hundred metres to the right of the image. 

The large building on the right is the Corporation Market Building (also known as the Fish Market, although lots of other fresh and frozen meats were stored and sold from here), constructed in 1891 as the main wholesale market for meat and fish. Prior to its construction, all of the fish sales were conducted in the old Fish Market (1865-1900) on the south-west corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets. The old Fish Market was removed to make way for the new Flinders Street Railway Station. 

Eventually the Corporation Market Buildings were demolished in the years of 1959 and 1960, not 1956 as mentioned in the State Library notes below. By that time they had outlived their original purpose and due to the increase in the volume of goods and the corresponding increase in transportation, it was time to  relocate this industry to another place outside of the city.

Looking along Flinders Street we can see the work going on to build Flinders Street Station, and in the distance, the station's clock tower is halfway completed.

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The notes from the State Library tell us that this image is a "Looking east down Flinders Street with the old fish market (demolished in 1956 [sic]) in right foreground, showing spire and clock tower. Horse drawn carriages, pedestrians and trams in street.."

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