Melbourne - "This will be the place for a village" (John Batman wrote on the 8th June 1835). Few major cities around the world can equally chart in such great detail as Melbourne's conception, gestation, birth and growth into adulthood. Melbourne even has its own day; each year we celebrate Melbourne Day on August 30, the date attributed to establishment of a settlement on the banks of the Yarra in 1835 by a party led by John Pascoe Fawkner. (Personally, I credit John Batman with the title of Melbourne's Founder.) 

Here we offer you some excellent prints of early Melbourne. You can study the city's development through the maps; the streets; and the icons of Melbourne, that tell of the incredible growth year on year in the first 50 years. Please explore these significant images of Melbourne and consider claiming one to hang in your office, study or as a gift for someone special. We can print these images at various sizes.