1900 Flinders St


Looking west along Flinders Street around 1900. The elevated railway viaduct (linking Flinders Street Station with Spencer Street Station) is on the left. Under the viaduct are Robert Dent's "Viaduct Refreshment Rooms" offering tea, coffee and pastry. The doors on the far left clearly state "Ladies Only". Fry's Chocolate is heavily advertised.

The  viaduct was widened in 1915 to accommodate a duplication of railway lines, and the refreshment rooms were probably removed around that time. 

The building on the far right is the Customs House, now used as an Immigration Museum. The building a bit further along Flinders Street on the right, with the flattened turret is the Yarra Family Hotel (now demolished), on the corner of William Street .

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Photographer unknown.

Notes from the State Library tell us that this is a view of "Flinders street with horse drawn wagon, tram, cyclist, motor vehicles and pedestrians, men standing near underpass of bridge."

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