1922 Distant View of Melbourne From The Yarra


An atmospheric image of boating on the Yarra River by John B. Eaton, dated 1922c, Looking west along the Yarra from where Swan Street Bridge now stands.

John B. Eaton was a prolific photographer of landscapes around the beaches of Port Phillip Bay, and the countryside around Melbourne and Victoria.  His work is part of the pictorialism movement, where photographs were to be viewed as works of art, rather than just as images captured. John Bertram Eaton was born in England and migrated to Australia with his family eight years later. His father ran a small gallery and framing shop in Melbourne, where Eaton began work. In the early 1920s his photographs were included in local and international exhibitions and in 1921 he joined the Victorian Pictorial Workers Society.

This is a beautiful rendition of the peaceful Yarra River, known for its morning mists.

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Pictorialist-style image attributed to John B. Eaton (1881-1966)

Notes from the State Library tell us that this image is "Pictorialist style photograph: looking west along river with Princes Bridge visible in background with Melbourne skyline, two people in a row boat in foreground, man in shirt sleeves rowing."

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