1920s Parliament House


A striking image of Parliament House in Spring Street in the 1920s. The magnificent dome of the Exhibition Building is off in the distance to the left. The statue of Burke and Wills is also on the left of the photo, just above the cable tram that is heading north along Spring Street. Parliament House was commenced in 1855 and finished to its current state by 1892. A large dome was included in the design, but never executed due to financial pressures at the time.

Notes from the State Library tell us that this photograph is a "Elevated view looking north east towards Parliament House, Spring Street and Treasury Gardens on corner, horse and carriage at curb, car on road."

This is a digitally retouched reproduction of the original held by the State Library of Victoria. All prints are reproduced without the HOTPRESS watermarks.

Our team of conservators are working on a high resolution digital image in order to remove blemishes and artifacts such as stains, mould, scratches and damage caused by the handling of the original. We strive to provide authentic representations of the original work that are suitable for enlargements that retain the tones and character of the original.

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