1914c Collins and Elizabeth Streets


A photograph of the intersection of Collins and Elizabeth Streets around 1914. We see a mix of transportation here with old-technology horse and cart and hansom carts, along with new-technology automobiles, cable cars and a double decker omnibus moving along Collins Street. The building in the centre of the photo houses B.H. Altson's, the Tobacconist, and was constructed in 1903 on the site of the (alleged) first brick building in Melbourne. The architect was Nahum Barnett, whose architectural style once graced every street in the CBD.

Heading up Collins Street to the right is Dunkling's the jeweller, then the Block building. Controlling the intersection are two policemen on point duty in their white hats using flags to manage the traffic.

Further up Elizabeth Street on the left, we see the GPO tower.

Photograph is attributed to Lyle Fowler.

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Notes from the State Library tell us that this image is a view of the "Intersection of Collins and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne, from south east [sic] corner, showing horse-drawn vehicles, cable trams, cars and pedestrians". The notes from the SLV are wrong, because the photo was actually taken from the south-west corner looking to the north-east (approximately).

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