1914 1st Australian Division Leaving From Melbourne


A poignant photo from 1914 showing soldiers from the 1st Australian Division, being farewelled in Melbourne, before heading off to the other side of the world to help the British Empire during World War 1. There is no bunting, there are very few flags in the crowd, and the crowd appears to be quite subdued. It's hard to be sure, but on the roof, just above the "307" a man seems to be comforting a lady, probably his wife, who may be distressed that their son is leaving for the war, never sure if they will see him again. In the lower left corner we see a family looking deeply concerned, clasping their hands in prayer.

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The notes from the State Library tell us that this "View shows mounted soldiers marching down a street, with crowds gathered on either side."

This is a digitally retouched reproduction of the original held by the State Library of Victoria. All prints are reproduced without the HOTPRESS watermarks.

Our team of conservators have worked on a high resolution digital image in order to remove blemishes and artifacts such as stains, mould, scratches and damage caused by the handling of the original. We strive to provide authentic representations of the original work that are suitable for enlargements that retain the tones and character of the original. Unfortunately, even though we have spent many hours restoring this image, it still carries a lot of damage that is evident at large enlargements. 

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