1911c Flinders Street Looking East


A photo looking east along Flinders Street from near the intersection with King Street.

There is a lot happening in this photo, as we see a steam train chugging along the Railway Viaduct (opened 1891) that connects Flinders Street Station with Spencer Street Station (now Southern Cross Station).

The area south of the viaduct was then occupied by a number of wharves that had been an essential part of Melbourne's history, but are now long gone. and we can see a throng of passengers boarding the ferries that will take them on a pleasure cruise to Portarlington and Geelong. Judging by the number of people on the ferries and the lack of traffic both vehicular and pedestrian, this photo may very well have been taken on a Sunday.

Flinders Street Station had not long been completed, but it has been busy from its early days.

There was a lot of manufacturing and storage activity on the south bank of the Yarra and we can see some great names from the past, such as Hoadley's (famous for their Violet Crumble and confectionery) and Sennitt's (later to become major ice-cream manufacturers).

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Photographer unknown.

Notes from the State Library tell us that this image is an "Elevated view along Flinders street showing horse drawn wagon, tram, cyclist, pedestrians on path on left, steam train on railway bridge. Building under bridge with sign "The Market Gardeners & Fruit Growers Association" Yarra river, Flinders Street Station in distance."

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