1906 Flinders Street and Queens Bridge Panorama


A beautiful panorama of Melbourne taken in 1906, with Flinders Street in the foreground, looking across the Yarra and Queens Bridge. On the far left, the new Flinders Street Station is partially completed and will be finished in 1910.

Queens Bridge had only been completed in 1890, and provided a new river crossing for rapidly growing Melbourne.

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Photograph attributed to Exchange Studios.

Notes from the State Library state that this is an "Elevated view of Flinders Street from Kings Street looking south east showing Queens Bridge, iron bridge. Photograph also shows buildings in South Melbourne. The Fish Market can be seen to the West near Spencer Street, and the partially completed Flinders Street station to the East. Signs reading: Steamer for Portarlington and Geelong Daily at 10 am. / Howard Smith Company Limited. Horses and pedestrians on Queens Bridge and Flinders Street."

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