1900 Fish Market Building


A photo of the original Fish Market in 1900, shortly before it was demolished. By this stage, it no longer operated as a Fish Market, since a new set of Market buildings were built further west in Flinders Street, and opened in 1892. 

This building was opened in 1865 as Melbourne's Fish Market, and boasted "ample cellarage” for storing fish and ice, and a large central chamber to allow for fish to be brought into the market on carts. The trays on which the fish were displayed for sale were of sawn slate, with water laid on to each table and drains provided. Acknowledged as the country's first purpose-built Fish Market it was built on the South-West corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets, on land owned by the Railways. Even in its early days it was processing 12 tons of seafood a week.

By 1896 it operated as a bicycle stable and a fruit and butcher store. It was removed in 1900 to make way for the expansion of the Flinders Street (aka the Central) Station.

An open-air fish market operated near this corner for many years prior to 1865, with fishmongers landing their loads just west of the first Princes Bridge. 

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Photographer unknown.

Notes from the State Library tell us that this image is "Looking south west across the intersection towards corner building with porch over footpaths. Signs on building for Fish Market, Hanton's Fruit Market & Bicycle Stables, advertisement for Fry's Cocoa & Chocolate. Curved roof of Flinders Street Station on left, horse drawn wagons at curb and in street."

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