1890s Swanston Street


A photograph of Swanston Street looking north across Princes Bridge around the 1890s. We can see the earlier Flinders Street Station building on the left, and we know that construction of the new Station started in 1900, so that dates this photograph just at the end of the 19th century. St. Paul's Cathedral was also completed to this point by 1891, so the photograph has to be after that date.

On the north side of the Station building is the Princes Bridge Hotel, also known as Young & Jackson's. Horsepower, cable trams, buggies and bicycles were the modes of transport at the time on our roads, as we look right up to the top end of Swanston Street. St. Paul's Cathedral (without its spires) is looming on the right and the Princes Bridge Railway Station building is in front of it.

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Photographer unknown.

The notes from the State Library tell us that this image "Shows rider on horse and one on bicycle, ca. 1890-ca. 1900.".

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