1880s Collins Street looking east


A delicate photograph of Collins Street from around 1880. All of the shops are closed and secured, the clock on the Town Hall says 3:20pm, and it is probably Sunday afternoon, judging by the lack of people. The footpaths and roads are wet from an afternoon shower.  

We see the Town Hall clock tower, with Scots' Church spire behind it. The tower of the Independent Church is hidden behind the Scots' Church spire. The church on the right is St. Enoch's Presbyterian Chapel (1851-1911).

The Burke and Wills Statue stands proudly in the intersection of Collins and Russell Streets (above the cabs that are visible in the centre of the photo). This was its original location from 1865 until 1886, when it was relocated to make way for the cable tram service introduced along Collins Street. 

The buildings on the left were the premises of some of Melbourne's most prestigious retailers, whilst the buildings on the right were the institutions of Melbourne, the banks and newspaper houses.

There are a number of cabs for hire, waiting in the centre of the road.

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Photograph attributed to Fred Kruger (1831-1888).

The notes from the State Library tell us that this image is of  "Collins Street looking east".

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