1870c Melbourne from the South Panorama


PLEASE NOTE: The dimensions of these prints may require special framing. Also, the quality of the image is not as good as we normally work with, but it is a great image of Melbourne at that time.

An early panoramic photograph of Melbourne taken around 1870. Looking north to the city from Victoria Barracks we see St Kilda Road curving towards the original Princes Bridge (1851-1884). The city skyline of that period is very different from today's and there are only a few landmarks that still exist today. Flinders Street Station as we know it was still 40 years away from being built. The Princes Bridge in the photo was to last another 14 years before it was replaced by today's Princes Bridge (opened 1888). St Paul's Church was to remain for another 15 years before being demolished (1885) and replaced by the current St Paul's Cathedral. Some of the buildings in the photo that are viewable today include Parliament House, Wesley Church, Treasury Building and St Patrick's Cathedral. The Duke of Wellington Hotel on the corner of Russell Street and Flinders Street still stands. Princes Bridge Hotel exists at that time, but is hidden behind the Fish Market building. St Enoch's Church was demolished in 1911 and the Scots' Church in the photo (built in 1841) was replaced by the current Scots' Church in 1874.

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Notes from the State Library state that this is an "Elevated view along St. Kilda Road showing: Prince's Bridge -- St. Paul's -- Railway yards -- Immigrants Home -- Alexandra Gardens." [Note - Alexandra Gardens weren't established until 1901.]".

This is a digitally retouched reproduction of the original held by the State Library of Victoria. All prints are reproduced without the HOTPRESS watermarks.

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