1870 Elizabeth Street Looking North


A photograph looking north from the southern end of Elizabeth Street where it ends at Flinders Street around 1870.

Photographed by Charles Nettleton.

A group of men are standing on the footpath, looking like they are waiting to enter one of the establishments. Trading along this block from the left we find the Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Co., then Cox the butcher, then Scott's Flowers, H. Gauer the Furrier, Hunt's Full & Plenty Luncheon Room, Osborne's Tobacconist, an Oyster Saloon and the Railway Hotel on the South-West corner of Flinders Lane. On the North-West corner of Flinders Lane is the recently erected ES&A Bank building. Not far from the photographer a fruit stand is visible on the footpath. Away in the distance on the right hand side we see the Melbourne General Post Office.

Within a few years (by 1875) the Leveson Wine & Spirit Merchants building was replaced by the Hobson's Bay Railway Hotel (now Hosie's hotel). 

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The notes from the State Library tell us that this image is a "Photograph of Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, ca. 1870, showing a wide dirt road with buildings and pedestrians on left footpath, and horse drawn carts in distance. On building foreground 'Leveson & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchants'."

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