1841 Melbourne Panoramic Drawing


One of the earliest panoramic drawings of Melbourne as it appeared in 1841, drawn from the original Scots' Church on the corner of Russell and Collins Streets.

This 3-part image was engraved by Alfred Martin Ebsworth in 1889, and was published in the Supplement to "The Australasian Sketcher," April 18, 1889.

This is based upon 3 panels from a 10-panel panorama sketched by Samuel Jackson (1807-76), architect of the first Scots' Church, drawing from its walls, then under construction in 1841.

Notes from the State Library state that this is a "View across Collins-street (between Russell and Swanston streets), looking towards the Yarra and Hobson's Bay -- View down Collins-street to the summit of the rise at William-street, Little Collins-street showing on the right -- View of the City westwards and northwards towards Flagstaff-Hill. Swanston-street beyond buildings in foreground and Elizabeth-street in middle distance."

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